It’s the sixth day of the project. We have used an application called aurasma that when you scan an image you can add videos or other extra images. In this case the app told us that we had to run series of 7 minutes and with rests of 2. We used Endomondo (the screenshot) to mark the time and the rhythm, we were going at a slow pace and we didnt have got time to finish our series.



Today we have made a new technique for me called GAL or GAP in spanish (gluteus, abs and legs) with a method TABATA (20 seonds working, 10 seconds resting) even though I knew of having heard of it for my father I had never implemented it until now. The truth is that you feel how you work, we did various types of abs, lumbates, squats, etc. In addition the final rest, where the class was relaxed and we were quietly, we chilled out from the previous exercise.



In this day we have made zumba, the truth is that I expected worse than it is. You have a great time dancing the songs of the moment although there is some dance quite difficult to follow and if you do not take breaks between song and song you end up quite exhausted. But I would definitely repeat it again

DAY 2 & 3

Today we performed Crossfit in group, each member of the group had to do a series of repetitions of each exercise except the members who have to perform more. In my case if someone did not understand what to do I explained it to him for example the exercise above its called burpees. We made series depending on the exercise 20, 30 or 40 resting some time in each exercise



We share roles in teams. I played the role of Kurt Weller who is as if it were the physical coach who is responsible for communicating to the rest of colleagues what they have to do.There are other charecters like Jane Doe, Patterson, Edgar Reade, Zapata, Bethany Mayfair and Roberto Borden In my group we are Guillermo, Diego Suárez, Maria Granda, Carlota and Ana. At the end of the class we had already started doing Crossfit trainings